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Applying to be in [SONIC!]

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Applying to be in [SONIC!] Empty Applying to be in [SONIC!]

Post  Admin on Thu Mar 25, 2010 2:54 pm

Sonic is an exclusive clan mainly based around friendship, so obviously to be in the clan one must first befriend many of the members. However it isn't quite as straight forward as that, which is why I have written this guide for you:


1) Register to the forum, read all of the stickies, make a few posts - get to know us.
2) Register to the official Urban Terror forum.
3) Fill out an application like the one posted here.
4) Wait patiently for us to get back to you! It takes a while for the whole clan to come to a decision about new members. Give it a day or two.

Thank you for reading.



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