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The Points + Reputation System.

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The Points + Reputation System. Empty The Points + Reputation System.

Post  Admin on Mon Mar 29, 2010 10:12 am

The Points System.
You may or may not have noticed the points counter underneath your name when you post and underneath everybody elses.
Every time you post a new topic, you get 3 points and for every reply to that topic, you get 2. Simple? Well, also for every profile message you recieve, you also get 2 points. (You must have advanced profile activated for this to work!)
For every friend you have on your contact list, you receive 10 points, so add everybody as soon as you can.
Some competitions may run in the future to do with points, so get posting!

The admin holds the right to reset any member's points to zero.

The Reputation System.
Now this is simple, for every time somebody posts a reply or starts a new topic, you will see a + and - symbol to the right of their post: this alters their reputation. If somebody has helped you out, hit the + button and give them some rep, but if somebody is dissing on you, hit - and lose them some reputation!
There is also a thanks button which when clicked will alter people's rep which appears when that person replies to you.
The + and - buttons add and subtract just 1 reputation point, whilst the Thanks button adds 3 rep points to your profile.



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